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…whether at home, in work, on the go.

Brick and mortar businesses maximise profits:

Convert online traffic into repeat offline sales.

Service area businesses dominate multiple areas:

…not just the location your business is based.

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Local Online Marketing (Done Right) can Make Your Business Serious Money. Here’s why…

Your customers are constantly online

Reach your customers where you’re most likely to find them…online. The average person spends six hours a day online on multiple devices (Global Web Index). Many people spend more time on their laptops and smartphones than they do sleeping.

They're looking for info on local businesses like yours every single day

Some 97% of online consumers use the internet when researching local products/services (BIA/KELSEY). While they use multiple devices, mobile is the backbone of local. According to Google, 60% of mobile searches have local intent.

It leads to offline sales

If you’re found and trusted by potential customers online it leads to offline sales. In fact, local online searches are twice as likely to lead to sales as non-local searches. 78% of local searches result in a favourable business outcome, whether leading to a phone call, a store visit, or a local purchase.

local online marketing
local online marketing help

It’s laser targeted

With local online marketing you can laser target your ideal audience. That’s down to its superior behavioural and geo-targeting options. Compare that to forking out a fortune on a small newspaper ad. And hoping your audience might notice it among a sea of cluttered ads. 

It leads to higher-value, loyal customers

Loyal customers are more likely to refer customers and spend more money. Plus, they are more receptive to your cross-sells. In other words we all want more of them. And thankfully, you can get them with some clever location online marketing techniques. Take for example your free customer wifi. We can show you how to transform it from a thankless perk into a powerful proximity marketing channel. One that strengthens customer loyalty and boosts your revenues.

It has a higher ROI than traditional

You’ll get a higher ROI on your online marketing with such precise targeting capabilities. It also costs a lot less to execute than many traditional marketing initiatives.


Our search engine rankings are incredible for every single service we offer

"I get most of my business through my website and that's thanks to Location Edge Digital. Our search engine rankings are incredible for every single service we offer...we're tops for pretty much all of them."  (We wrote and SEO-optimised the copy for Kerry and Chimney Boiler Service website to drive website traffic and grow leads.)

Damien Dennehy Kerry Chimney and Boiler Services

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