Geo-targeted advertising is pretty self explanatory: It allows you to target potential customers based on their geographic location.

As a result you don’t waste any of your advertising spend on the areas that you don’t do business.

If you’re a local business looking for local clients, running a geo-targeted campaign is the quickest way to bring customers to your door.

We offer a number of geo-targeted ad services allowing you to quickly laser target your ideal customer locally, whether they’re at home or on the go.

Desktop and mobile geo-targeted Google Adwords

Reach your customers as they search for information on businesses just like yours with desktop and mobile geo-targeted adwords.

With a growing number of people searching the internet on a daily basis to find local restaurants, auto repair shops, beauty salons, and more…the competition to climb to the top of the search results with organic and local SEO can be immense.

Running a geo-targeted Google adwords campaign can be the quickest way to get swift visibility in the search engine results pages. When properly handled, you can promote a local business for just a few euros a day.

YouTube Ads

Watch a YouTube video lately? We bet you did. Possibly one or two this very day even…

Every day people all over the world spend hundreds of millions of hours on YouTube (80% of YouTube views are non U.S.). The average person on YouTube watches an astonishing five hours of YouTube videos a month.

With statistics as encouraging as that, imagine how valuable it could be be to have your ads displayed and geo-targeted on the second most popular website in the world? And not having to pay a red cent if a viewer ignores your video?

If you’re thinking YouTube advertising is only for the big players you couldn’t be more wrong. Because so many businesses have yet to cotton on to its revenue earning potential, for now you can still get great value clicks and enjoy a higher ROI.

Talk to us about the best way to jump into video advertising before the platform gets too crowded and the cost of clicks soars.

Worried about video production? Don’t be. We’ve got the art of producing very affordable, high quality videos, down to a tee.

Facebook Local Awareness Ads

Facebook local awareness ads allows local businesses to harness the geographic location of its many users. It represents one of the most affordable ways for small local businesses to maximise in store traffic.

Talk to us about how you can use it to immediately reach people close to your business for just a few euros a day.

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