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Localised/Local Organic SEO

Want to perform really well in the local listings? Then it’s not enough to just focus on your local SEO. You’ve got to get your local organic SEO in order, too. It’s the advice we offer any client we work with. What’s the difference? Local SEO is based on location signals around your business across the local web. It may or may not include a website. And local organic SEO is based on content signals around your website. So, naturally, a website is necessary.

Why do both? Because we’ve seen it time and time again: Investing in local organic SEO doesn’t just boost your organic rankings. It also helps boost your ranking in the local snack pack (local SEO). And vice versa. You see while local SEO works on a separate algorithm to local organic SEO, it shares a lot of contributory factors. Albeit at different levels.

Higher local organic listings can also deliver more leads than local snack pack listings do. As top click tracking studies have shown, getting a top organic place can beat the top local pack listing for many local business types. And that’s despite the organic listings position underneath the local snack pack!

Some of our local organic SEO services include:

Locally modified static website pages

local organic SEO
We make sure the static pages on your website (eg your about page, your services pages) are optimised for three things: industry specific keywords and queries, geo-modifiers, and conversions. Having optimised static pages is probably the most important part of your online marketing efforts. Because it doesn’t just increase your chances of appearing higher in the local search results. It also increases your likelihood of getting more leads to take positive action. By using copy that persuades and builds trust.

Local blog content

If you want to compete with the big brands for organic search real estate, content is your best friend. Why? Because it’s a key part of being found in more ways through the local search results. The more content you publish that matches your customers queries, the more chances they have of discovering you. And by proving yourself as a helpful and relevant resource in your industry, you’re helping to build trust between you and the online searchers. What’s more you establish your prominence as an industry expert on the local web, winning you even more business.

Bear in mind content keeps working for you, even years after you’ve pressed the publish button. Compare that to any form of advertising out there. Once the budget is gone, so too are the wins. On the other hand, content is the gift that keeps on giving…continuing to pay for itself many times over.

Local and relevant link building

If another website has a link to your website on their own site, Google rates this as a sign that you’re a trusted business. If that website is a higher authority site, it’s an extra boost.
Getting links from local and relevant websites is an ongoing local organic SEO strategy. But a hugely important one, too. It accounts for 20% of overall local seo factors.

Plus, you don’t only get rewarded in the search engine rankings by Google if your site has quality links. You also get the bonus of the additional traffic these other websites can bring.

Technical issues

In order to do well in local organic SEO, there are also a number of technical requirements that need to be considered. These include elements such as redirects, structured data, and working with javascript and css. Many have an impact on your site’s speed. And as you probably have already heard, site speed has a big impact on your SEO ranking.

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