Every local business in Ireland needs local SEO (local search engine optimisation). Local search drives millions of euros in B2B and B2C transactions every day. In fact, local business owners  voted it the single most powerful digital marketing channel in a recent BrightLocal study.

It doesn’t matter what type of a business you own. You could be a restaurant owner wanting to reach more visiting tourists. Or an electrician looking for new business in a neighbouring local town. Getting customers on a consistent basis depends heavily on your visibility in the local search results. Because people can’t pick you, if they can’t find you in the first place.

Your local SEO specialists in Ireland

Location Edge Digital can help make sure your business is visible and trusted across the local search ecosystem. So that you get chosen. Ahead of your competition. Because we know that when people find your business online, it’s only the first part. The second part is getting people to choose you. And it’s the trusted business that online searchers choose to do business with. Almost every time.

Isn’t it time you got ahead with local SEO?

Contact one of our location marketing specialists today. And start getting an edge over your competition.  At Location Edge Digital we pair our local SEO efforts with localised organic SEO. Doing so helps boost your visibility in not only the local snack pack…but in the local organic listings, too. We’ll start using our proven SEO techniques to consistently deliver more local leads to your business. What are you waiting for?

Our main local SEO services are (click on the arrow to reveal more):

Google My Business set up

Optimising your Google My Business profile is important for location signals in local SEO. In some industries, just optimising it alone increases your chances of getting into the visible and coveted local snack pack. What’s the local snack pack? It’s a two- or three-pack local listing in the local search results. The snack pack appears above the organic listings and below the PPC listings (if there are any). See below as an example.
local SEO snack pack
If you want help optimising your Google My Business profile get in touch with our experienced location marketing team. (Please note: Your Google My Business profile should be your highest priority structured citation. Making sure it’s optimised for local visibility is a crucial step in local SEO.)

Nap citation audit and creation

A business’s local digital presence is one of its most valuable assets. The more accurate the data, the more trusted a website will be to search engines…as well as potential customers.

In fact, the foundation for successful local online marketing is having clean location data and accurate listings. NAP in itself forms a major part of this.

The best way to explain the importance of NAP citation and what it is, is to compare local SEO to organic SEO. With organic SEO, Google is looking for trust signals regarding content.

With local SEO, Google is seeking out strong location signals around your business. NAP are such location signals.

NAP stands for your name, address, and phone number as displayed or mentioned across the web.

The Googlebot looks for inconsistencies in your NAP when it reads your data. In highly competitive industries, if it finds even minor ones, it may penalise your business.

Being accurately listed in good quality and relevant data aggregator sites, directory sites, and review sites is a time-consuming task. But it’s a crucial part of a campaign to rank higher in the search engine results.

Talk to us about how we can help you keep a consistent footprint throughout the local digital ecosystem. We can hunt down and fix any inconsistent listings you have out there. (Some 60% of small businesses have inaccurate listings.)

Plus, we’ll also help you build up the volume of citations in the places that matter most to your business. Making sure both Google and more customers discover and choose your business.

Online reputation creation and management

Is traditional word of mouth important to your business? Then online reviews might help transform it. Online reviews are positive word of mouth on steroids. And right now, they’re not only a huge part of a local SEO strategy. They’re also a pretty big deal when it comes to your local online marketing in general.

In fact, online reviews are an online searcher’s top consideration when deciding who to do business with. A whopping 92% of us read them. And 78% of us trust them as much as personal recommendations.

They are also a heavy factor in Google’s local SEO algorithm. According to Moz, they account for as much as 10% of the top contributing local factors. Bear in mind there are over a hundred contributing factors.

So the message is clear: If you want to boost your search engine rankings, get working on a review strategy.

And if you think they are only important to certain kinds of businesses like restaurants and hotels, you’re mistaken. Reviews are instrumental in helping nearly any type of local business win more customers.

Furthermore, click test studies have revealed something shocking. Most users bypass higher ranking businesses without reviews in the search results. And click into their lower-placed competitors with reviews displayed. That tells you a little about their magical pull.

Reviews have the potential to become a major competitive difference maker. For so many types of local businesses. Because you’re not only getting a lift in the search results. You’re also increasing your customer’s confidence in choosing your business, too.

Having a solid review strategy in place for 2016, could be the best decision you make this year. Talk to us about our online reputation management system. We promise to make generating, publishing, and managing reviews from your customers a piece of cake. (And the icing on top? Google will love you for it too.)

Let’s get started
(We cover local buzz optimization in your free local web presence audit)

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