Local Web Roundup: Websites, Local Seo Tips, Local Content & More

Our monthly roundup of what’s happening in location online marketing. This month’s best of the local web includes the importance of having a professional looking optimised website for local search and the growth of voice search as the next big thing in search optimisation.

Local online marketing – general

Small business marketing power duo: Websites & word of mouth

Online presence is neck-and-neck with word of mouth for how customers discover small businesses for the first time. Done right this powerful duo can be a match made in heaven for getting more local customers. Yet despite this, about half of all small businesses still don’t have a website in 2016. Even though this is the main way customers are searching for them online.

Local SEO

10 tips for building a local brand that will boost your local search ranking

Ten smart tips for local online branding that can help improve your visibility, as well as your likelihood of being chosen over your local competitors. See how small businesses can take on the national brands on their own turf. And use their own unique strengths for better local success.

Local content marketing

Tailor for your audience: 5 crucial elements of a local content marketing strategy

The five crucial points to consider when creating a local content marketing strategy and reach more local customers are:

1)Create a strong local brand image.
2)Create content that resonates with your local audience and offer actionable solutions.
3)Build your local audience and boost your reputation with guest blogging.
4)Use local trends and hashtags for targeted social media promotion.
5)Engage your local community in offline events and activities.

Local SEO: Become the voice online for your market

The local longtail opportunity means writing about what your audience cares about: your local community. When you go beyond what you sell to focus on the matters that are close to the heart of your local community (their challenges, opportunities, and changes), you’ll expand your local audience as well their awareness of you as a business in their local community.

On the radar

The future of voice-related SEO for local business

Google says 20% of mobile queries are voice searches. As search moves beyond typing queries into a search box to using your voice as the new search tool, there are some key ways local businesses can prepare for the future:
1)Paying more attention to conversational speech and incorporating it into your web copy.
2)Preparing for more contextual searches.
3)Providing search engines with as much information as possible using structured data.


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