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Customers have come to depend on their mobiles as their number one consulting tool, when it comes to where and how they spend their time and money. Whether looking for the best spot to grab something to eat, or checking out a product online before a store visit, mobile is at the heart of local.

Handled right, mobile can be a little goldmine, consistently bringing you repeat, high-value customers. Yet incredibly, most local businesses aren’t doing any mobile marketing at all—never mind getting it right. So there’s hardly a need to mention that the rewards from getting a head start could be immense for the savvy local business owner…

With 60% of searches having local intent and the average person checking their mobile 150 times a day, the opportunities from connecting with your customers using mobile are massive.

Talk to your location online marketing specialist today to find out how we can help you get more phone calls or visits to your business premises. Using simple mobile marketing campaigns that don’t cost the earth, but are extremely effective.

And discover how to turn that increase in customers into unshakable customer loyalty. Fuelling even more high-value sales…all with the use of clever mobile marketing.

Our main mobile marketing services include:


Sending and receiving sms isn’t just a convenient way to make arrangements with pals. It can be a powerful marketing tool for many local businesses, too.

Nearly 95% of all text messages read within five minutes of receiving them. Plus, you can send carefully crafted messages for cents per text. Making a mobile marketing campaign one of the quickest ways to get positive results from local online marketing.

Sms makes it simple to reach your customers where you’re guaranteed to find them…on their mobile. And with an open rate of 98%, it’s leading the online marketing pack for truly getting your message seen.

Mobile Coupons

It’s no secret that mobile marketing has exploded in recent years.

But what you may not know is that a large chunk of that growth has been fuelled by the surge in demand for digital mobile coupons.

A chief takeaway from the 2016 Mobile Consumer Report is that businesses looking to leverage the power of mobile marketing should not discount the power of coupons combined with a mobilised loyalty program.

Mobile coupons are redeemed a whopping 10 times more often than their print counterparts. Customers love the ability to be able to access one-click savings on the go.

Not only that but customers expect them, too. A staggering 70% of consumers want retailers to send them coupons for the products they buy most often.

And the icing on the cake, just like SMS messages, a mobile coupon campaign can be quickly deployed with rapid results. Get in touch to find out more.

NFC tags

NFC stands for Near Field Communications and it’s a concept that takes mobile marketing to a whole new level.

Wafer-thin stickers with encoded marketing messages are placed on physical media such as newspapers, brochures or flyers or on other physical communication items including packaging or product display stands.

To reveal the marketing message, the customer holds their smartphone in front of the sticker, and a wireless signal is transmitted from the sticker to the device with instructions to either upload information such as web content or to perform a function like share a video, enter a competition, or redeem a voucher.

Adding NFC tags to connect your offline to your online marketing could prove lucrative as this technology is set to become the new standard for location-based marketing communications in the near future.

Find out how you can use NFC tags to engage with your customers by connecting their physical and digital worlds with a simple phone tap.


Beacons are small and relatively cheap bluetooth low energy devices that can be placed pretty much anywhere – under a shop counter or attached to a restaurant wall, for instance (they have a self-contained power source giving them enough charge for up to two years).

When a smartphone comes into range of the beacon it sends the phone a push notification such as a discount or reward incentive.

Apple with its ibeacon implementation around the world is championing this new paradigm for location marketing.

And a growing number of retail stores are​ adopting beacons to provide customers with product information, run flash sales or offer special deals, all in the form of a push notification when customers are present in the store.

Social wifi

If you’re a brick and mortar business you probably already know that today’s customers expect you to have free wifi.

Social wifi enables you to transform your free wifi from a business expense into a powerful digital marketing tool that cost effectively grows your social media numbers, builds you a valuable email or sms list you can then market to, boosts your sales, and analyses your customer demographics so you can make better decisions (and see a further surge in sales because of it).

How it works is simple: Your customers login to your wifi with their social media credentials, email address or mobile phone number in exchange for free wifi access while they shop, eat, or socialise at your venue. You in return are allowed to collect customer data in a mutually-beneficial and non-intrusive manner. And use that data in your marketing to grow your number of returning customers.

Talk to us about how simple it can be to get this proven valuable, revenue-generating asset working for your business today.

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