Social Location

With the incorporation of location data search results have become increasingly sophisticated. Google et al knows with great precision how to serve up locally relevant information based on our exact location. But it’s not just search engines that use location data to provide better results. Social media is getting in on the game, too. A restaurant search on Facebook, for instance, brings up a plethora of pages belonging to local restaurants in your vicinity. And even pulls up the location data of your friends to show you their nearby restaurant check-ins.

Today, every single local business should incorporate location into their social media strategy. From growing your social followers in a certain location to understanding your customers at a more granular level, location can play a vital role in making better connections with your customers.

It doesn’t matter what kind of local business you run. You could be a carpenter looking to expand into a new geographic region. Or a dentist looking to focus on reaching customers in a specific town. Or even a multi-location restaurant chain wanting to engage and understand customers quickly in the different areas you serve. We can help you not only reach more local customers socially but also learn more about how they behave in their hyper-local environments. So you can make better decisions. And build better connections.

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